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Hiring your staff for your large family childcare

When you own a family daycare and you want to hire an assistant it is a little different that hiring an employee for another business. I always recommend getting set up with your payroll and insurances before you start the interviewing process. Some providers may want to run their business very casual and think that paying under the table would be ok to start out. You will want to do everything the legal way for lots of reasons. 1st off you want to be legal so you don't get sued, have to pay for medical bills if there happens to be an accident, or chance getting your business shut down. I know some may want to take their chances on those, but the other benefits to hiring legally are worth it as well. If you are paying your assistant with taxes and social security being taken out, then you can write these costs off on your taxes. Otherwise you can't claim this expense. The cost of your employees will most likely be your biggest expense as a family childcare provider, you will …
Here is my YouTube video of important things to consider before opening a daycare.

Check it out!

5 things to know BEFORE you start your family childcare Video

What am I getting myself into? Starting a family daycare

What am doing? Am I ready? I love children and I've been talking about it for awhile. But what am I getting myself into?  If you've wanted to know what it means to be a family childcare provider read on...

Awe the life of a provider.... When you wake up early and have your first family knocking on your door before you've finished your cup of coffee at 7:23. You greet parents, help children and sometimes their moms with separation anxiety. Then the messes start with the activities you've set out. Your day consists of making order to disorder. You make meals that inevitably the child will eat maybe two bites from. You sit down to read a story to a couple of children and then be interrupted by another child needing to go potty, then cleaning up some glitter that spilled. Next you have to turn down "When the wheels on the bus" to answer the phone that might be the family wanting to start next week, but more likely it's just another telemarketer. When all of …
With over 15 years experience, I've learned a thing or two about what to do and what not to do running a daycare. I am going to share with you some of my best tips, and how to's here on this blog. I began mentoring family childcare providers beginning in May of 2015, and then professionally in January of 2016. I have found that more than developing and growing a family childcare, I have a passion for coaching others in the field. I can't wait to share with you how you can grow you family childcare business today.