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What am I getting myself into? Starting a family daycare

What am doing? Am I ready? I love children and I've been talking about it for awhile. But what am I getting myself into? 
If you've wanted to know what it means to be a family childcare provider read on...

Awe the life of a provider....
When you wake up early and have your first family knocking on your door before you've finished your cup of coffee at 7:23. You greet parents, help children and sometimes their moms with separation anxiety. Then the messes start with the activities you've set out. Your day consists of making order to disorder. You make meals that inevitably the child will eat maybe two bites from. You sit down to read a story to a couple of children and then be interrupted by another child needing to go potty, then cleaning up some glitter that spilled. Next you have to turn down "When the wheels on the bus" to answer the phone that might be the family wanting to start next week, but more likely it's just another telemarketer. When all of a sudden three kids all want the same coupe car at the same time even though there are four in the parking spot. After helping them figure that out it is time to make lunch. You have all the children settle into a fun activity of play dough or puzzles so you can cook a gourmet meal of grilled cheese sandwiches, pears, snap peas and a glass (well plastic cup) of milk. This will be in a record time of 17 minutes and 43 seconds. Not bad for 6 meals, plus one for your self that you will heat back up later. After you make it through 6 hand washes and sit down to a family style meal( Aka you the waiteress while they eat), then it's back to the restroom for potty breaks and diaper changes. Next you line out some cots and blankets including the elephant, dolly, binky, and the special soft blanket, no not that one.... you turn on some quite Mozart lullaby and pat some backs until after 30 or so minutes they are almost asleep and no one rang the door bell today. You take a short break to reheat your sandwich, go to the bathroom take a couple deep breaths, and watch as your precious little friends peacefully rest. Next you sit down to work on tomorrow's activities, writing down the items you need to get out of the art cabinet and making a mental note to pick up some pipe cleaners at the Dollar Tree soon.  Now you check in and the children are all sleeping soundly so you take this time to clean up the playroom, sweep the floors, pull something out of the freezer for you families dinner tonight, and then of course the baby will start to cry. By the time you get to her, pick her up to hold and rock her, 3 more children will start to wake up. Take a deep breath, nap time is officially over. You got this. After quietly bringing the 3 children and the baby into the play area and help get them settled in an activity, it's time to check diapers and potty breaks again. One by one they are all back playing again and you can work with your 3 and 4 year old with some scissor skills and color sorting activity designed just for them. And then after cleaning up the playroom for the 7th time, you realize it's almost time for parents to start showing up. From your memorized parents schedule, you start getting shoes, blankets, crafts to go home and other odd and end items ready in order of which child leaves first. After one last round of "The Bear Hunt" by Greg and Steve, the parents show up and you talk with each one about how their child's day went. Usually this goes well until you have to tell about the bitting that happened that day or the 3rd reminder to a parent to bring more diapers... and one by one they all go home for the day. Whew you made it... Now time to start on your family's dinner and bath and bed routine. Then after a long day you kick up your feet and think about how your day went. And this was an easy one... You remember the 3 year olds excitement when she finally cut out a circle by herself, the silly little pick-a-boo game you had with your 2 year old that literally had you laughing out loud, the thank you from the single mom that had a rough morning, the big hug, smile, and "I wove you so so much"  from the child that normally  knows how to push your buttons... yeah it's worth it. 

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