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DIY Valentine String Art

I had some extra time this week because my work closes down for the week between Christmas and New Years. I know right? As a family childcare provider, this was typically a very busy time of the year  school kids needed care and having to keep track of which kids would or wouldn't be here and finishing up our Christmas crafts in time. It got kinda hectic sometimes. 
So I chose to make grownup crafts this week  I've been wanting to try making some string art wooden signs  so I started off with something simple. Here's how I did it. 
First I gathered my supplies:
Small wood plaque 
1in panel board nails
A hammer
Wood stain
Paint brush for stain
Colored string
A pencil 
Black and Silver paint pen

First Stain your wood plaque with your color choice of stain. I used Golden Oak for mine. After it dries ( I let mine sit over night) cut a heart out of paper and set it on your plaque to make sure it fits. Position it where you want your heart to be. I angled mine a little. Next hammer nails all around your heart about 3/4 inches apart. Make sure you leave about 1/8 inch of your nails sticking out. When you have them all in place rip the paper heart off your nails. Now pick your favorite string color you want  your heart to be. I chose a bright pink. Tie a knot around one of the nails and cut off the excess. Now wrap your string from one side of your heart to the other in no particular order until you have covered each nail head. Make sure to wrap around each edge piece during your wrapping to outline your heart. Tie the end of your string tight around a nail and cut off the excess. 
Next draw with a pencil the word LOVE on the side of your heart, where it looks good and centered. Next use your paint pens to paint over your pencil drawing. Let it dry. And there you go, a cute simple Valentine string art. 💕
This is one of the other wood signs I made this week. I really needed some numbers on my house since my old ones wore off last winter. What do you think?

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