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Family daycare safety check off list

Running a daycare means safety comes first. I've created a daily safety check off list for you to use to get you started on your own. Feel free to edit as needed to fit your needs. This list is for high quality safety, not for just above regulations. Safety = Quality.


  • All cleaners, chemicals, and medications are in locked cabinet
  • Sharp objects inaccessible
  • Outlets are covered
  • Any other unsafe items removed


  • All cleaners, chemicals, and medication are in a locked cabinet
  • Personal unsafe items are put away (curling irons, razors)
  • All cabinets have working childproof  locks
  • Outlets covered

Living/Play area

  • Entrances/ Exits are locked and secured
  • Outlets covered
  • Wires from electronics safely stored away
  • Bookcases/heavy equipment  are secured to the wall
  • Mini blind cords are separated/ out of reach
  • Sharp corners on furniture are covered
  • Broken toys or equipment is removed
  • Rugs are secured down
  • Tripping hazards are cleared
  • Safety gates are in place

Napping area

  • Outlets are covered
  • Mini blind cords are separated/out of reach
  • Bedding is stored separated
  • Beds are placed 36’’ apart while in use (best practice)
  • Any unsafe items removed

Outdoor area

  • Gates are locked and secured
  • Inaccessible areas are blocked off
  • Mats are in place for fall zones
  • Broken toys and debris are removed
  • Items with peeling paint or splintering wood are removed or made inaccessible
  • Animal feces is removed
  • Walk ways and entrances are cleared from items blocking access
  • Spider webs and any other insect nests (bee hives) are removed
  • Plants with thorns are cut back
  • Any poisonous plants are removed (check for neighbors’ growing over fence lines)
  • All water is dumped when not in use (including rain water)


  • Portable monitor systems are on and in use (if using)
  • Ratios are correct
  • Daily roster in place and updated (if using)

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